Our Programs

Our individualized programs are appropriately split up by age and developmental stage to ensure children are receiving the necessary education and attention that they deserve. Each class is centered around your child's growth and educational needs. We strive to ensure your child is meeting necessary milestones by maintaining an educational, yet entertaining, atmosphere. Our teachers provide a nurturing environment in order to help your child succeed and thrive.

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Our infant class is perfect for your newborn’s safety and developmental growth. We aspire to take excellent care of our smallest students by paying close attention to their individualized needs and having open and constant parent-teacher communication. Our specialized team of infant teachers are certified in infant safety, amazing at stimulating developmental growth within the classroom and believe that no student is too young to start learning about the world around them. From 6 weeks old until graduating to our toddler class at 18 months old, we endeavor to provide our infants with a knowledge of how much God loves them and equip them with the foundations they need to begin our curriculum in our Toddler class.

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Our toddlers class is specifically designed to encourage learning through educational play. We begin our ABEKA Curriculum with our Toddlers which works specifically on introducing students to colors, numbers, shapes, letters and much more! From 18 months to 2.5 years our specialized Toddler Team is determined to assist your child in growing in their knowledge of God while stimulating them through hands-on education through centers, recreation, music, and art. Our toddlers thrive in this classroom and prepare daily for their graduation into our Pre-K program.



Our Pre-K classes are divide up into Young 3’s, 3K and Pre-Kindergarten

(4yrs +). These classes are dedicated to helping your child achieve the educational foundations necessary to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. We strategically utilize an award-winning curriculum (ABEKA

Pre-K) intent upon getting your child ready for higher learning and educational progression. Students are taught daily to always put God first in everything we do and that learning can be done in creative, fun, and exciting ways.

Registration Fee: $225/per child

Siblings: $100/per additional child

*Registration is non-refundable.

Our programs are available daily from 7AM to 6PM.

*A late fee of $1 per minute is applied to any child that isn't picked up by 6PM.

*For new students, 18 months and older, a $75 curriculum fee is charged in addition to the Registration Fee. For existing students, a $150 supply fee for the new school year is collected annually in August.